Update 4/21/09: My hosting company, Verio, silently deleted the catchall-mailbox feature from my service, bouncing all of my incoming email for several hours today. I'll be moving elsewhere as soon as I can, but in the meantime, if you sent something to me and it bounced, try again.

Note: This site hasn't been updated in forever, and won't be until I finally get around to moving it onto my co-located server at ViaNet. Meanwhile, I'm blogging at dotclue.org. And I no longer participate in photo.net, so if any of my reviews are still online, it's because they never convinced anyone to take over running the Minolta section.

I pay the rent by running servers for WebTV Networks, Inc.. When I'm not sitting in an air-conditioned office that includes nice computers, cable TV, a VCR, and a film scanner, I'm out chasing interesting and attractive subjects with my camera gear. Every once in a while I break down and dust off my half-baked collection of graphic design skills, but generally I stick to simplicity on the web. I'd rather accept a clumsy-but-workable layout and obsess over the content than the other way around. With the current state of the tools, gaudy is easy and elegant is hard; worse, both shatter under the stress of coping with the variety of browsers out there.

What I put online

This section will always be under construction.
My photographs
My most common subjects are women who've appeared in Playboy magazine, particularly at the Glamourcon shows, but I've been branching out to other forms of natural beauty recently, including the residents of the San Francisco Zoo and the scenery at the many national, state, county, and city parks in the Bay Area. The women are clothed, the animals are naked. I don't have anything against naked women, but I do object to clothed animals, so it evens out.
Reviews of Minolta Camera Gear on photo.net
The best, if not always the gentlest, web site for learning about photography and sharing your knowledge with others is photo.net. After I pointed out the lack of useful information on Minolta's competitive line of 35mm SLR cameras one too many times, owner Philip Greenspun welcomed me aboard with the traditional old-fashioned Internet greeting, "thank you for volunteering".

What you won't find here

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